Shades of “The Knick”

Sunday, 24 August 2014 by

Clients often ask me pertaining to their long-term, difficult-to-diagnose health problems, the questions of “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t all these doctors find the real problem?” Those are questions that I can’t even attempt to answer, because the underlying “reason” for someone’s presenting problems could lie in other levels of that person’s being. We

From the beginning of my hypnosis training, I’ve been a fan of Dr. Milton Erickson, often best known for his prolific use of metaphors and casual storytelling to seamlessly integrate hypnotic suggestions past a client’s more resistant conscious awareness. Those Ericksonian “Secret Ops” techniques were skillfully employed as needed at the time. In other situations

“Baby the Rain Must Fall”

Monday, 14 April 2014 by

It’s a good 60’s song—slightly dated, but still lyrically solid with a catchy tune. Sung at the time by Glenn Yarborough, the repeating chorus is: “Baby, the rain must fall. Baby, the wind must blow. Wherever my heart leads me, ….baby, I must go, …baby, I must go.” That was an anthem of the sixties

On Wings of Transformation

Sunday, 06 April 2014 by

During this Iowa spring-weather changeover, while driving to and from work lately, I’ve noticed that there are fewer eagles flying overhead and that the turkey buzzards have replaced them in their fly-zones. Not sure how that goes up in the skies—who decides to vacate when and who else instantly takes their place, but it seems

I chuckled while writing the title question, because in truth we are being hypnotized most of our waking hours by whatever media device we use, whether we read something, watch something or listen. All forms of mass communication are filled with advertising, which is one of the most blatant forms of persuasive hypnosis that there

Coming Back Into Balance

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 by

Wellness is a term we use to describe a state of physical, mental, and emotional health. For those who look even deeper into illness causation, we could also include spiritual health in the mix. While there are many definitions of what constitutes health for all those interconnected systems, I lean toward describing an optimum condition

Marching Forward

Sunday, 02 March 2014 by

March stomped in on worn-out snowshoes in our area amid single-digit temps, creating many long sighs with eyes to the sky, asking, “Is this really necessary?” We in the Midwest aren’t alone in those sentiments or conditions, but we all deal with it the best that we can and keep our lives moving forward, hoping

Is It a Guided Meditation or Hypnosis?

Thursday, 27 February 2014 by

One of my most enjoyable discoveries from when I took hypnosis training was in realizing that hypnotists often use guided meditations to help relax a client and help them reach that deeper connection necessary for changing subconscious programming. I was happy about it because I had already been creating guided meditations for my REIKI students to

I really do write and teach about other things than meditation, but so far I’ve been focused on providing some good, basic information on a variety of meditation techniques that can help improve the quality of people’s lives. So before I switch subjects, I wanted to give you another meditation to sample. This is one

Mantra, is a Sanskrit term for “word.” And basically, that’s what a mantra meditation entails—simply repeating a particular word or phrase over and over on every exhalation of breath. It would be similar to doing the basic Breath Meditation mentioned in the previous post, but instead of focusing solely on the breath moving in and