In Search of the Elusive Panacea

Tuesday, 19 August 2014 by

“Deep in the Amazon jungle, the intrepid explorers hacked their way through thick vegetation, endured sweltering and debilitating heat while trudging along writhing, parasite-infested trails, …all in search of the elusive Panacea.” That darn Panacea. Hard thing to find, for sure. First of all, where do you look? I mean, if no one has ever

Getting Your HOUSE Cleaned

Friday, 08 August 2014 by

I mentioned previously that I’m actually not a practitioner of astrology, but that I appreciate those who can really nail the energetic confluences happening to us and around us while it’s occurring. In case you’ve been in a coma for the last six months and had no idea that we have been besieged by the

Strange Stuff Indeed

Thursday, 24 July 2014 by

Describing these wild energies engulfing us lately, including cosmic, terrestrial, and all this world-wide human-insanity; keeps me shaking my head looking for just the right words, until I find myself simply muttering under my breath, “….Strange stuff.” Yes, that IS what these overall energies feel like to me: Intensely annoying, teeth-grating, strange stuff, for certain.

Telling the Story….

Wednesday, 09 July 2014 by

This probably isn’t the story you think I’m going to tell, because that phrase is used in other contexts; and yet it is a story worth telling—a story that might provide others with a greater feeling of hope for improving their lives in some way. When even the people who have known me for years

High-ground Perspective

Tuesday, 17 June 2014 by

“High above the valley, crouched on a peak concealing any view from below, the lookout squinted into the morning sun, watching the early activity in the intruder’s camp far, far beneath him. From this secluded perch, he could see miles in all directions—see what was coming before it got there—allowing preparation time for his fellow

That title is an old mid-60’s Bob Dylan song, but it’s still applicable because the times definitely are changing now; and all of us are changing as well. Sometimes things around us change, and we have to do like-wise; and other times for some reason, we change inside and it forces outside changes around us.

Simply Being Ourselves

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 by

Long ago, as a young woman in my early 20’s, I remember asking aloud this question: “What is so wrong about being who I really am?” Took a few decades of experience to answer it simply as “Wrongness isn’t even a consideration in my life, as long as I’m doing what I feel I’m meant

June’s Resolution

Sunday, 01 June 2014 by

As we once again enter the time of Mercury in Retrograde (June 7th-July 2nd), the dis’s will now give way to the re’s: reexamining, reevaluating, reassessing, readjusting, redoing, removing, and releasing. All of those re’s are aspects of resolution, where the previous dissonance is now resolved—that 7th chord finally reaches the next octave root to

Noticed a bit of discomfort lately in situations, relationships, and personal endeavors? It might be the malingering effects of the dysfunction-creating  “D’s”—those discombobulating chaos energies we’re swimming in at present, with two of the most noticeable aspects being dissonance and disruption. For those of us who are energy sensitive, we know the feel of these

I love jigsaw puzzles—1000 piece, 1500 piece—bring it on! My fascination with them is so pronounced that it becomes a winter obsession once a box is dumped out onto the table awaiting sorting by colors, textures, and border pieces. I spend hours in this focused endeavor to make sense of the chaotic randomness scattered within