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2 HTH Books for 1 Price

The HONORING THE HERMIT Series, written by Rebecca A. Holdorf, MA, is a collection of practical Wisdom-tradition essays and evolving spirituality as applied to real-life. She explores the most basic questions of “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” which leads to recognizing that our own connection to a power greater than ourselves is ever-present and impossible to discount in our daily lives.

Reviewers have found the books inspiring, thought-provoking, and applicable to our present situations where we are questioning ourselves and our lives for greater meaning and a lasting sense of inner peace.

Book One: HONORING THE HERMIT: Seeing through the Illusion of Separateness

Book Two: HONORING THE HERMIT II: Sharing the Vision

Books one and two are in print, with book three in the set: HONORING THE HERMIT III: Building a New World,  sold separately as an e-book.

Author signed and sent. Can personalize a dedication on title pages, if you like.


Amethyst Cluster 4″ long, 2.5″ wide

Beautiful amethyst cluster, 4″ long. Great energy and feel to it. Good clarity and color to the crystals, and a solid matrix base holding them in place. Perfect for clearing negative energies from small enclosures like work cubicles and writing areas. Keeps the frequency there higher for a more positive effect on you.

Suggestion: Keep an amethyst on top of your desk to keep the energies higher near your heart and head, and a small hematite stone or a pyrite crystal at your feet to pull the nastier energies down and out of your body, and to help ground you. They work very well together.