Category: SpiritualityWhat causes a spontaneous kundalini blowout?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
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Rebecca Staff answered 6 years ago

The cause of Spontaneous Kundalini Blow-out? …. I used the term “blow-out” in the other question on spiritual awakening, because that was MY experience with it. I was blown out of my body into the far reaches of who knows where–it seemed like space.  There was a huge blast of light within me and tremendous energy surging through me. In theory, it is a called a true “spiritual awakening,” but for me, it was more like a living hell that went on for years and years–24/7/365.     And that is how it goes for different people. It is described as the explosion of energy supposedly from the base of the spine that shoots upward flooding the head area with super-charged high-frequency light. You seem to expand beyond your own boundaries and can feel united with Source or Oneness, and float in that bliss state for a wonderful amount of time, ….and then the roller coaster tops the hill as you plummet back into your shadow side so deep and dark that you have to gasp for air and scream for help.  But no one can help. It is something you simply have to survive and try to keep your sanity in the process.  You learn to face your fears during the process. There is no other choice.     Books like Gopi Krishna’s experiences, and Ganga Karmokar, and a few others describe similar experiences that I had–the highs and the lows, and I tried to find a website online at present that would give a good balanced account of what to expect and how to better explain it, and the only one I could find was this one, about mid-way down the page she defines it pretty well—it can be mentally destabilizing as your whole world can turn upside down in just a few days, and no one has a clue how to help.  Check out: http://     Others have said they only experienced the good stuff–the bliss, the beauty, the expanded consciousness, the connections to everything. But I got both experiences–the best and the worst.The best was magical and mystifying, and the worst was like nothing you can even imagine, nor would you want to.   Some people actually try to activate a kundalini awakening, and I would personally say that if they had experienced what I went through for about 6 years, I can’t believe that anyone would want to do that.  But, ….that’s their choice.  My guess is that is it may be a gentler more pleasurable experience for some than for others.  And the “gentler ones” are promoting it.  I don’t and won’t. I believe you should spiritually evolve gradually.  It is safer.     You asked for the “cause” of spontaneous kundalini blow-out. It could be meditation shifts of consciousness, or energy attunements that removed the blockages preventing your “inner fire” from expanding before that point, or it could just be it was TIME for it to happen for you. If you wanted it to happen, then you got your wish (even if you really didn’t know what you were actually getting).  And if you weren’t expecting it, then you will probably think you are going insane.  If that is the case, try to find a psychiatrist who is familiar with Kundalini Syndrome, and check out this site for an explanation of what you might experience:        If nothing else, it will give you some better ideas on what Kundalini Awakening can really be and do.  Blessings to you in your process, wherever you are in it, and take care, be safe, and don’t force it.   Thanks for the question. It was a good one.