Category: SpiritualityWhat causes a person to "wake up" spiritually?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
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Rebecca Staff answered 6 years ago

Interesting question on the cause of awakening spiritually. I could go in so many different directions on that. It’s like: How do you know that you’ve forgotten something if you can’t remember what you forgot?  And actually, short of a big Kundalini energy blow-out from your root chakra up to your crown, the spiritual awakening often comes gradually out of an uneasy “feeling” really–an unsatisfied feeling within you that you’ve forgotten something and you just can’t remember what it was. But you KNOW it was important and you need to find it again.
So you just keep looking for it until you find things that seem like they must be a part of what you want to remember because you start feeling more at peace inside whenever you see or do these new things that you now do.
The CAUSE of spiritual awakening can be life-shattering or it can simply be a more subtle attitude or a perspective shift, …or it could even be a direct link into something far greater than yourself (like in meditation when you reach a higher level of consciousness) and you hit a bliss state that feels beyond your wildest imaginings. You may reach a consciousness frequency where you feel connected to everything and everyone–and you may experience the most profound sense of love and well-being in that state.
One thing you will know for certain when you do awaken spiritually: You will want more of it–whatever you are doing, because it feels like finally coming home to the one thing you now remember that you once forgot.
There are also times in our lives when things that happen to us or to those we love, make no sense, causing us to question our beliefs. In times like those we NEED something to make sense–something to believe in, so we may start searching for answers to those deepest questions that we’ve always had: Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Etc. (This is the very reason I wrote my first book: HONORING THE HERMIT.  I was searching for those same answers in my life.) When you start asking THOSE basic questions, you know for certain that you are definitely awakening spiritually and then you feel that you just can’t find the answers fast enough. Thanks for asking. Hope it helped.