Category: SpiritualityHow do you stay grounded during a spiritual journey?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

The reason I ask this is because despite this amazing journey, it’s difficult to follow your heart and not your mind when seeing was always believing. How do you find answers and comfort when those around you are not in the same place on that we all walk this path alone? Thank you for providing a place for those of us wandering.

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Rebecca Staff answered 6 years ago

Thank you for asking this question. It is such an important one: How do you stay grounded during a spiritual journey? I think our grounded-ness comes from maintaining a strong earth connection–the walking, hiking, even meditating out in nature where you can get a more direct energy connection with the Earth’s energy field to help stabilize you–those are great grounding experiences. Earth energies help to hold us down–help to keep us anchored into this life experience because they represent our “manifesting” capability.
We create our world daily with our thoughts and actions. How we change our immediate environment or even our experience of what is happening to us, is by visualizing what we want, putting the appropriate emotional energy behind it, and actually expecting it to “manifest” in our life the way that we have envisioned it. We need to stay very grounded for the manifesting aspect because earth is the place it happens.
As a rock and crystal addict myself, I have always been attracted to the high-frequency crystals–the ones that actually take you out of your body where you might have that floaty, very spacy feeling. The problem with that “out-of-body” bliss is that it’s pretty hard to function that way in the world, and hard to be around other people, especially when they might not be feeling the same wonderful energy that you are.
So for a little extra help in staying grounded when you are feeling anything but grounded, I would suggest carrying or having near you some stone/metal grounders like hematite, pyrite, or copper. Those are the best stones for getting the energy down out of your head (eliminating headaches) and for helping you to focus when you need sharp attention. Lead is also a grounder, but I’m not a big fan of lead because to me it has a dulling frequency.
The other aspect you mention is in finding comfort and answers when others around you aren’t quite in the same space or holding the same energy as you are. For that I would do exactly what you are doing now–reaching out to those who do understand what you are experiencing because we’ve all been there. That’s a big reason I am doing this Q & A Chat, I want people to know they aren’t alone out there, and there are people and places that can help support you. Just know that if you have found me at this time of needing some support, there are others like me who will likely cross your path very soon. And thank you for asking!!!