Category: REIKICan anyone learn reiki or are some people natural healers?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
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Rebecca Staff answered 6 years ago

Good question. The answer is YES.  
Yes, anyone can learn REIKI, which is a Japanese energy-therapy that is also very spiritually focused; and YES, there are people who come into this plane of existence with their energy centers already aligned to channel higher-frequencies of energy into others.  
I am also hesitant to call myself and anyone else a HEALER, as that implies direct responsibility for the other person’s health change. I am more inclined to say that REIKI practitioners or folks who have those natural high-frequency connections help to clear stagnant energies and blockages from the client’s field, help to realign/rebalance chakras and repair problems in the client’s damaged field, and THAT leads to the person’s health being restored, as our bodies and energy fields are programmed to self-repair and self-restore once the offending problems are cleared.  
Some folks are born with genetic predispositions (parent or grandparent demonstrated the ability) toward natural psychic abilities. That means they are more in tune with some energy frequencies that most folks aren’t receiving. That doesn’t mean that most folks CAN’T receive those frequencies, it just means that at that time, they AREN’T aware of them.  
One of the initial statements I make in the first REIKI class, is that if anyone has any natural psychic abilities, that they may be suddenly enhanced and more active after the REIKI attunements. That statement alone can shift a quietly observing class into a class of instant “true-confessions” of those natural psychic abilities and WHY they are really there in the REIKI class. It’s great. I encourage everyone to be upfront and honest, and to BE who you truly are, especially utilizing the gifts that you are given.  
I also tell a class that if they presently aren’t demonstrating abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience,  clairsentience, or claircognizance, that one or more of those abilities will likely develop over time because of the REIKI attunements realigning their energy receptivity centers. For myself, I was naturally intuitive and kinesthetically sensitive to energy, and those two things are still my greatest “gifts” but the other abilities developed over time, and I now have them all to some degree.
Hope this helped.  Thanks for asking!