Hexagonal Star of David Quartz Crystal – Large


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I have a small hexagonal Star of David crystal also, but this one is huge: 3.25″w x 3.25″L x 2″h. Really nice energy. Sometimes you see these cuts and they are glass look-a-likes. This is the real deal–genuine raw quartz.  It is a clear quartz with it’s own unique inclusions that give it both depth and character.

It has a very cool rainbow oval in one inner corner and the opposite side has an oval inclusion like a tiny replica of the rings of Saturn. The cut of it is fabulous with that 6-pointed star inside You could put this on a small stand for display or set it on the shelf for energy emphasis.

As with any crystal, you can cleanse, purify, and program it to hold space and frequency high for you, or you could use this in meditation, sitting it face up on a pillow in front of you, for you to focus on. The many facets of the cut are mesmerizing.

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Weight .675 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 x 3.25 x 2 in


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