Clear Quartz Generator 3″h x 2.5″w x 2″L


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When you want to hold high-frequency in a room or even a house, you use a clear quartz generator to do it. This one can really do the job for you. In my own home, I cleanse them, clear them, and program them with REIKI to hold high-frequency space and protection for the area that they handle. I can send them to you with those intentions programmed into them if you prefer, so it holds sacred space and the intention to protect you and your home.

To cleanse it: Rinse it under cool running water, and set it in the window under full MOON light for a night or two each month to recharge and clear the energies. Sunlight might be a more powerful charging source but it can also fracture the crystal within, so be careful about setting your crystals in full sunlight for anything more than a few minutes.

This one has a few interesting inclusions within that remind me of a multi-planed fantasy scene that changes with each turn of your hand. Very, very nice. Let it work for you.

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Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 2.5 x 3 in


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