Clear Quartz Generator 1.75″w x 2″L x 2.75″h

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This little quartz generator is amazingly clear–such a little beauty. The pictures can’t even capture its radiance and sparkle.  When I find a fairly clear quartz crystal, I simply have to hold it to feel how clear the energy is within it. This is one of the finest I’ve ever held.

As I’ve mentioned many times, I am a crystal addict–absolutely love them. So it’s hard to believe that I can actually part with ANY of them, but they have shared my home altar for many years and it feels time to let them grace and beautify the homes of others now.

The other two generators that I’m adding today are larger and more powerful than this one is, but the sweetness and the purity of this one’s energy is truly unmatched.

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Weight .675 lbs
Dimensions 2 x 1.75 x 2.75 in
1.00 out of 5

1 review for Clear Quartz Generator 1.75″w x 2″L x 2.75″h

  1. Muhamad says :
    1 out of 5

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