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Hypnosis: Past-Life Exploration Session -1.5 hours

Explore your Past-Life situations for answers to puzzling present-life issues. Past-Life Explorations (PLE) can be conducted via SKYP or phone, and provide amazing personal experiences that help to move your present-life forward in a new and better direction.

Besides enjoying the awesome journey to witness other aspects of yourself and those lives lived in other dimensions and locations, you can also gain a better understanding of a present-life’s issue origins, and explore the context for how it may have developed during that time period.

We can also do healings and clearings in each lifetime explored to help make your present life more enjoyable.


Sleeping Easily and Deeply mp3

Highly-effective, deep-sleep hypnosis recording meant to relax body and mind into allowing sleep to naturally happen.  Created and recorded by Certified Hypnotist Rebecca A. Holdorf, MA.