About Us

Foundations of Light, LLC is the company of Rebecca A. Holdorf, and has operated in many separate endeavors since 1998, beginning as Foundations of Light Publishing, then adding shortly afterward Foundations of Light REIKI. In 2001,  Foundations of Light True-self Actualization classes were created.

The LLC was formed in 2004 to incorporate the three separate divisions under one operating company. Foundations of Light Hypnosis and Past-Life Exploration was added in 2011 when I became certified in that as well.

As large as it might sound, it really isn’t. FOL, LLC is still a one-person operation utilizing a life-time of education, training in specialty areas, and natural skills to accomplish its goals.

The ROCKS aspect is the newest addition, because I am a Rock Show addict, and love to discover and share those treasured finds with others.

So in essence, I (Rebecca) do many things, including writing, and I enjoy learning new things even more. As the days and months progress, additional options for viewers will likely appear on this new site.

If you would like to contact Foundations of Light, LLC, please use this email: